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The Truth About Mattresses

Shopping for a new mattress is confusing. Mattress makers and retailers know it. In fact, the more confused you are, the better it is for them. Here's the straight truth about mattresses at full price stores vs. mattresses at The Dump.

When you buy a mattress at a traditional store or a corner sleep shop, you're paying for a lot more than springs and foam. You're paying for big marketing budgets, overdone showrooms with aromatherapy displays (a tricky way to keep you calm about the prices), and a metric ton of overhead. When mattress makers change their covers or give their memory foam a new high-tech name, you end up paying more for that, too.

Innerspring Mattresses


Innerspring mattresses contain layers of spring coils, providing firm support and high durability. This type of construction has been used by mattress makers for decades in their patented processes. Aireloom of Beverly Hills makes luxury innerspring mattresses by hand, using long-staple cotton, wool, and pure silk. The Dump offers handmade Aireloom mattresses up to 70% off the price of high-end stores.

Memory Foam Mattresses


Memory foam mattresses are renowned for a high level of support while conforming to one's body for exceptional comfort. These mattresses begin with a base layer of support foam; the next layer contains anywhere from 1-7 inches of memory foam. The prices of memory foam mattresses at The Dump range from $209 (mattress only) to $4800 (mattress sets). Generally, higher priced foam mattresses have thicker memory foam layers. The attractive price and body-hugging comfort of The Somerset mattress by myLOFT make it a favorite of Dump customers.

Latex Mattresses


Latex mattresses are available from very soft to firm. These mattresses are made of 1) 100% natural latex or 2) a combination of natural latex and foam or springs for the base layer. Covers on latex mattresses often contain other natural and organic materials such as cotton or bamboo, while other covers include non-organic cotton or other breathable materials. Mattresses from James & Owen and PranaSleep found at The Dump are some of the highest quality latex mattresses made.

Hybrid Foam Mattresses


True hybrid mattresses contain innersprings with at least 50% of the overall thickness in memory foam. These mattresses take the best of spring construction (support, lack of sinking feeling) and memory foam models (conformance to individual body type and weight, limited bounce) and present them in one elegant mattress. The iComfort mattresses are some of the best hybrid mattresses we've ever seen. And we think you'll enjoy them even more at our off-price discounts.

Pillow Top Mattresses


Pillow top or euro-top mattresses are for those who want the luxury of an extra layer of softness. These mattresses feature an additional plush layer on top of the support layer for added comfort. Pillow top mattresses such as The Tori and The Melodic from our exclusive iTwin Collection offer that perfect blend of plush softness and support.

The Dump is the outlet for the U.S. mattress industry. When the famous names make those changes to their covers and components, they send their closeouts, overstocks and discontinued models to us - for half the original price or less.

Here's another little secret. They also design mattresses for us to the same quality and specifications as their national brands - without the famous label and ad budget - saving you 40 to 70% off established prices.

From innerspring mattresses to certified organic, The Dump has everything you want in your new mattress. We Dump everything you don't want: the excess, overhead, and inflated price.