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Superior plushness and focused support go hand-in-hand to deliver the dreamy feel and high-quality comfort you need in the VERITAS VH5000 13.5” Plush Queen Hybrid Mattress. Designed to provide immediate cooling relief and sustained temperature regulation throughout the night, the Cool to the Touch Surface layer creates a sublime surface atop the Pillo-fill and convoluted foam layers beneath for a plush yet refreshing feel. Visco memory foam and latex lumbar support foam layers below the surface feature specifically selected densities to target pressure-points while contouring to every curve of your body to minimize motion transfer. Complimenting those foam comfort layers, an innovate layer of micro coils creates a subtle layer of balancing support to maintain a consistent, yet conforming feel. The advanced 1000 Series Coil Support Unit, laying the groundwork for the entire mattress for lasting durability, consists of a vast network of individually wrapped coils with an additional row of firm coils lining the outside edge to deliver exceptional, tempered support and reduced edge roll-off for a truly restorative, undisturbed sleep experience.

At The Dump Luxe Furniture Outlets we are all about transparency, and when we had the opportunity to partner with one of the largest brands in the bedding industry to create our own exclusive in-house line of mattresses we knew exactly what to name the collection: VERITAS - Latin for “truth”. On top of offering our regularly revolving closeouts we wanted to use our bedding expertise to build a line of mattresses that cut out the middle man, licensing fees and corporate overhead and cut right down to what our customers really want: a mattress that uses the same high quality materials, technology and even manufacturing facilities as the leading brand in the market but at a significantly better value, for a TRUE deal. Using the motto, OVERBUILT & UNDERPRICED, we created five different mattress styles in varying comfort levels to cater to a wide range of sleep styles and budgets.

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VERITAS VH100 11” Firm Hybrid Mattresses

Hundreds of support coils below gel memory foam and Pillo-Fill® surface layers give these firm mattresses a plush feel and restorative support. Several sizes available to choose from.
From $499
Market Price: $1,099.00

VERITAS VH100 11” Plush Hybrid Mattresses

Choose from several sizes of these plush hybrid mattresses featuring supremely soft Pillo-Fill® and PillowSoft® layers atop indulgent gel memory foam layers and an innovative coil support system.
From $499
Market Price: $1,199.00

VERITAS VF1000 10” Firm Gel Memory Foam Mattresses

ActiveTemp Max gel memory foam and layers of support foam with Edge Support give this mattress allover cool, conforming comfort.
$799 From $588
Market Price: $1,049.00

VERITAS VF1400 14” Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattresses

Marrying cooling technologies with luxuriously plush gel and visco memory foam layers, this 14-inch mattress is made for cool, customized comfort.
$1299 From $788
Market Price: $1,649.00

VERITAS VH1000 12” Firm Hybrid Mattresses

Experience lasting breathability and an instantly fresh feel through the Cool to the Touch cover and the targeted support of the 1000 Series Coil Unit with these firm support hybrid mattresses, available in several sizes.
From $699
Market Price: $1,599.00

VERITAS VH1000 12” Plush Hybrid Mattresses

Choose from a range of sizes of these exclusive hybrid mattresses featuring instant cooling relief, supremely plush memory foam comfort and the support of 1000 individually wrapped coils.
From $699
Market Price: $1,599.00

VERITAS VH3000 13” Firm Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattress delivers cool, sensitive support through an instant cooling surface fabric, targeted memory foam layers and an advanced innerspring support system.
$999 From $899
Market Price: $2,029.00

VERITAS VH3000 13” Plush Hybrid Mattresses

Plush 13-inch mattress features a breathable cooling cover, targeted pressure-point relief layers and an advanced innerspring support system.
$899 From $799

VERITAS VH3000 13” Super Pillow Top Hybrid Mattresses

Pillow top hybrid mattress delivers a pillowy-soft surface feel elevated by a cooling cover atop an advanced 1000 coil support system.
$949 From $899

VERITAS VH5000 13.5” Firm Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattress combines the balanced support of a micro-coil topped innerspring foundation with adaptive memory foam layers and a cooling cover.
$1099 From $999

VERITAS VH5000 13.5” Plush Hybrid Mattresses

Innovative hybrid mattress delivers exceptional support and premium plushness through a micro coil support layer and adaptive memory foam core.
$1099 From $999

VERITAS VH5000 15.5” Super Pillow Top Hybrid Mattresses

Exceptionally plush mattress featuring an innovative micro coil-over-innerspring support system and a supremely soft pillow top surface.
$1199 From $1099

VERITAS Collection Low-Profile 5" Mattress Foundations

Low profile five-inch high mattress foundations made for use specifically with the exclusive VERITAS Collection mattress line available at The Dump Luxe Furniture Outlets.
From $225

VERITAS Collection Standard and Low-Profile Mattress Foundations

Choose from the standard 9-inch or low-profile 5-inch mattress foundations specifically crafted for use with the VERITAS Mattress Collection available at The Dump. Several sizes available.
From $175

VERITAS Collection Standard 9" Mattress Foundations

Standard 9-inch mattress foundations specifically crafted for use with the VERITAS Mattress Collection available at The Dump. Several sizes available.
From $175

VERITAS Blue-Cool Mattress Protectors

Thermoregulatory mattress protectors combine cutting-edge HeiQ technology and a fluid-proof Breathe-a-Barrier to create a cool and dry micro-climate for an optimal sleep experience. Choose from multiple sizes.
From $59

VERITAS Eco-Cool Mattress Protectors

Softer than silk and cooler than linen, these eco-friendly mattress protectors feature Tencel® fibers for moisture regulation while the liquid-proof Breathe-a-Barrier maintains airflow. Choose from multiple sizes.
From $39

VERITAS Glacier-Tech Mattress Protectors

Double Ice Technology and a liquid-proof Breathe-a-Barrier® give these mattress protectors a "cool-to-the-touch" feel and superior airflow. Multiple sizes to choose from.
From $99
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